General Questions

What is Climathon?

A Climathon is an event created by independent organisers and organisations, and it can happen in person or virtually. The event typically lasts 12-48 hours where participants (citizens) collaborate to tackle local climate challenges. Through the Climathon citizens are brought together to raise awareness and inspire local climate action.
Since 2015, Climathon has been organised with about 600 organisers, 1,000 events and over 30,000 participants worldwide.
If you want to become a Climathon organiser it is free, as long as you adhere to the organiser responsibilities and terms and conditions. You can register to become an organiser here.

What is the format of a Climathon?

Climathons are independently organised events, meaning that Climathon organiser are leading everything on the ground, making sure that the Climathon becomes a success. EIT Climate-KIC, the orchestrator of Climathon, supports the local organiser by offering online training on the Climathon methodology, visual identity and branding, a global website, social media promotion and a Playbook.

A Climathon roughly has 4 phases:

  • Find funding for your Climathon
  • Create one or more challenges that are locally relevant
  • Plan and execute your Climathon, which include designing the program, finding a venue (on- or offline) and engaging stakeholders
  • Follow-up and ensure the long term impact by engaging with ideas and opportunities after your Climathon

When are the Global Climathon Days?

Each year EIT Climate-KIC will organise the Global Climathon Days to unite all Climathons across the globe. The Global Climathon Days always takes place during the last weekend of October, to coincide with World Cities Day.

What is EIT Climate-KIC?

EIT Climate-KIC is the EU’s largest public-private partnership addressing climate change through innovation to build a zero-carbon economy.
EIT Climate-KIC started the Climathon programme in 2015 to create opportunities for cities and citizens to meet and co-create local ideas to shared climate challenges. EIT Climate-KIC is the owner of certain intellectual property rights relating to Climathon.
EIT Climate-KIC supports the local organisers by offering training on the Climathon methodology, visual identity and branding, a website and social media promotion and tools and guides needed to organise a Climathon.
You can learn more about EIT Climate-KIC here.

Organising a Climathon

Who can apply to organise a Climathon?

We are looking for local organisers from all around the world! Different kinds of Climathon local organisers include:

  • City authorities or municipalities;
  • NGOs/ NPOs;
  • Community organisations/ co-working spaces;
  • Educational institutions;
  • SMEs;
  • Citizen collectives.

Basically anyone can be a Climathon organiser as long as you have the drive and capacity to make the event happen.

What are the organiser responsibilities?

Being a Climathon organiser is a rewarding experience, but it is also come with responsibilities. We ask you to review the organiser responsibilities before you submit your registration as a Climathon organiser.

download Organiser responsabilities

What are the benefits of organising a Climathon?

Organising a Climathon is a unique experience and you will benefit from: .

  • Hands-on support
    EIT Climate-KIC supports the local organisers by offering training on the Climathon methodology, visual identity and branding, a global website, social media promotion and a Playbook.
  • Global brand
    No need to start from scratch! The Climathon brand is already well established globally. As an organiser you can use the brand (in line with the branding guidelines) to promote your Climathon event.
  • Unique network
    The Climathon programme serves as a doorway to a vast and active network of climate-positive organisations, further extended by EIT Climate-KIC. Looking for peers, mentors or partners? Look no further.

What kind of support does Climate-KIC provide for local organisers?

EIT Climate-KIC supports the local organisers by offering training on the Climathon methodology, visual identity and branding, a global website, social media promotion and a Playbook.

What is the application process to become a local organiser?

Before you can organise a Climathon you need to register as a Climathon organiser. However, before you begin the process we would like to encourage you to consider the following things:

  • Study the Climathon Playbook
    The Climathon Playbook include all the information that you need to get ready to organise a Climathon in your city. You can find the Playbook here.
  • Apply early
    Suggest an event date month away. You’ll need a minimum of three months to organize your event after you registered. Applying early will give you the time to attend training and familiarize yourself with the Climathon methodology.
  • Pick your event type
    Decide whether your Climathon will be in-person, hybrid or online. Choosing your event type is important as it will guide you in the planning and execution of your Climathon.
    We always encourage you to organise an in-person Climathon as this format best caters to ecosystem building and idea creation.
  • Create a city registration page
    On we will promote your Climathon, but we strongly encourage you to develop a city and registration page with more information about your Climathon. You can use free services such as Eventbrite. Please do keep in-mind that you will be asked to submit the link when registering.
  • Submit your application
    Apply directly here. Once we have reviewed your application (normally takes 1-2 days) we will get back to you with a decision and potentially follow-up questions.

The city where I would like to organise a Climathon is not available. What can I do?

Please reach out to us directly by sending an e-mail to We will get back to you as soon as possible.

My application is accepted, what are the next steps?

We encourage you to:

  • Read the Playbook
  • Join our community on Slack
  • Register for the Climathon training sessions (see Slack for upcoming sessions)
  • Reach out to us via Slack or e-mail ( if you have any questions

Participating in a Climathon

Why should I join Climathon?

Joining the Climathon is a unique experience to:

  • Get to know the climate change challenges of your city
  • Develop ideas that can solve local challenges
  • Meet like-minded people and create your team
  • Empower and showcase your local community across the globe
  • Get involved in the Climathon Global movement!

When does the registration open for participants for Climathon events and who can apply?

Most cities will organise their Climathon events from October to November, but some cities have a different date.
We encourage you to check the list of cities to find all the information about the Climathon you want to join. Here you will find a direct link to the registration page of the Climathon. Anyone can apply to be a participant in a Climathon. However, please check the list of cities to see if your city has a certain target group in mind.

What happens if there is no Climathon in my city?

If you cannot find a Climathon in your city it means that no one has registered there yet. If you want to do something about it, you can try to spread the word or register as an organiser yourself.

What is more desirable: to participate with a team or alone?

Most Climathons organise a team-building exercise to kick off their event. So, everyone will have the chance to join a team, whether or not you participate alone or as part of an already-formed team.
If you have a team already we encourage you to reach out to the local organiser (find them in the list of cities) to ask about the possibility of you working together.

What is the structure of a Climathon?

Each Climathon has its program, but in general you can expect it to be following these principles:

  • Length of the program will be anywhere between 12-48 hours (for more details, find your local Climathon in the list of cities)
  • Kick-off
  • Understand the challenge
  • Build teams
  • Brainstorm
  • Ideate and validate and ideate
  • Energizer
  • Presentation/pitch
  • Networking

Other questions

I am a city official, there is a Climathon taking place in my city, how do I get involved?

Please contact the local organiser through their individual Climathon page (you can find it in the list of cities), or reach out to us, EIT Climate-KIC, by sending an e-mail to

I am a media responsible and interested in writing about Climathon. Who do I contact?

Please reach out to

I am a media responsible and would like to write about a local Climathon? How to get in touch?

All Climathons are listed in the list of cities. Here you find the link to their individual Climathon page with their contact information.