Who can host?

There are different kinds of Climathon hosts, including cities themselves, NGO's, Universities, and other institutions.

Main Climathon hosts


How to host

Whether you're a city authority or another stakeholder, there are
different requirements for hosting a Climathon.

City authority

There are a number of ways to deliver the Climathon in your city.

  • Set your city's challenge(s) and organise the Climathon yourself

  • Set your city's challenge(s) and join forces with another organisation to organise the event

  • Contact Climate-KIC about services we can provide to deliver your Climathon

Other stakeholders

Universities, NGO’s, incubators or small organisations can organise the Climathon and get their city authority involved.

  • Engage the city authority to set the challenge(s) and provide expert knowledge
  • Invite them to be present at the event
  • Get them to promote Climathon
  • Receive their awareness and acknowledgement

What are the benefits

Want more Impact?

Different modules can be added to the 24-hour hackathon to create more impact.


Climathon Bootcamp

Framing, defining and refining city climate challenges with the involvement of citizens.

Pre-Ideation Workshop

Preparing participants for the Climathon.


Young Climathon

Involving undergraduate students and schools in the Climathon with a related challenge but shorter time frame.



Helping teams to improve developed city solutions.


Getting winning teams and city authorities of different cities together to exchange on developed city solutions.


Continuous support of Climathon teams and their developed city solutions within Climate-KIC Greenhouse or Climate Launchpad.

Need more info?

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