What is Climathon?

Climathon is a global 24-hour climate change event, a climate hackathon organised by Climate-KIC. It takes place simultaneously in major cities around the world every year at the end of October. In 2018, the date for the Climathon is 26th October.

Climathon brings together the challenges of the world’s cities with the people who have the passion and ability to solve them. City citizens around the world get to take direct climate action in their own cities by coming up with innovative solutions to local climate change problems.

What is the timeline of the Climathon?

Climathon has 4 major phases:

Part 1: city host application through the Climathon website between April- July, 2018.

Part 2: part: participant application: from September – 25th October city hosts creates their city pages customized to their event, as soon as the city page is ready, participants can apply through the Climathon website.

Part 3: 26th October, 2018 – the actual Climathon Day

Part 4: Reporting – city hosts provide information about their local Climathon (solutions, photos, etc)

Who can apply to host a Climathon? 

We are looking for City hosts from all around the world! Municipalities, organizations, SMEs, big companies – any type of organization is free to apply – if they have the resources to set up and deliver a 24h Climathon.

Why should my city join to Climathon? 

Joining the Climathon is unique experience to:  

  • Crowdsourcing local ideas to solve climate challenges of your city
  • Engagement of local students, entrepreneurs and innovators
  • Forge strong links between local businesses, academia and public bodies
  • Empower and showcase your local communities climate action across the globe
  • Engage with new global partners through Climate-KIC

Who can apply as a participant for the Climathon? 

Anyone can apply to be a Climathon participant if there is a Climathon in their city. Participants should be aware that the Climathon is a 24h long event – be prepared! For more details get in touch with the local organizers (for detailed agenda, resting possibilities during the event, etc).  

What happens if there are several city hosts independently registered from the same city?

Climate-KIC will notify each city hosts from the same city, and connects them. In these cases, Climate-KIC encourages the city hosts to join forces and deliver together one bigger Climathon locally instead of several local ones.  

How to apply for the Climathon as a city host?

 City hosts can apply via the Climathon website once the application opens for them in spring 2018. City hosts create their own profile on the website, and can start working on the city page template. The most important part of the city application is the Climathon challenge and description. These are part of the city page that can be saved and edited any time in the background and finally submitted for approval. City pages will be first published at the end of summer after the approval of the Climathon Team. With the city page published, the recruitment process can start. Until then, cities can finetune their challenges, and city page setup.

What happens if I registered my interest on the website?

You can express your interest in hosting a Climathon in 2018 even before the official applications starts. You will be informed once the application will open up – this way you will not miss the opportunity to host the Climathon! 

What is a city page?

Each Climathon city has their own city page on the Climathon website. It contains all the information about the local Climathon - such as the challenge description, challenge title, venue, map, photos, etc. Participants can apply through the city pages to the Climathon. City Hosts can edit these pages and customize it to their needs. A well-chosen banner picture, and well built up city page can attract more participants!

What is the challenge of the Climathon?

Each city sets up its own local climate change challenge reflecting what impacts their urban life most. These challenges include urban planning, infrastructure, housing and water/waste removal, use of city satellite data etc. City hosts can get inspiration from the Climate-KIC’s four thematic areas. A city can choose several challenges for their Climathon event.

Participants can come along with a pre-existing idea and work with a team to develop this during the 24 hours, or can develop an idea on the day.

What makes a good challenge?

A good challenge reflects local climate change related problems, issues, to which local citizens can easily relate. The challenge defines your whole Climathon: a good challenge attracts participants, and partners (municipality, business people, experts, etc). It also defines the outcome, the solutions of the Climathon.

We encourage cities to set their own Climathon to highlight their local climate-related challenges but to also encourage their local citizens to help solve the problems and create innovative solutions.

For inspiration, please check the 2017 city challenges.

What is the challenge title and challenge description?

You will need to create a challenge title – which is short, concise and summarizes the main topic of your Climathon, and a challenge description – to provide more information. Both will be put on your Climathon City webpage (on the Climathon website), these should address your future participants for the recruitment.

The Climathon team will also review the Climathon challenge and description, they might suggest recommendations.

What language should be used on the Climathon website for the city page and any documentations about it?

In all Climathon communication, English is the common language. All information that is on your Climathon city page should be available in English, but it can be available in the local language as well. The city pages, Climathon documents can be bilingual. The Climathon team provides customizable materials – where the text can be translated into your local language.

The reporting should also be done in English. If this is a problem, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or your local Climate-KIC contact.

What language should be used during the Climathon event?

In all Climathon communication English is the common language. However, if you have only local people at your event, the Climathon can be run in your local language. Make sure though to use English for online communication during the day - to be part of the online buzz Climathon creates on the day.

Is the Climathon really a 24h event?

Yes, it is! It is a real climate change hackathon – where the magic happens somewhere during the 24 hours.

Do not be intimated - it is possible! You can prepare with a quiet room where people can go away for a little nap.

What is the format of the Climathon?

  • Welcome session
  • Team formation / team welcome
  • Ideation/creation
  • Parallel workshops (optional for participants)
  • Yoga/Zumba/Activity to keep energy levels high
  • Final presentations to the jury
  • Wrap-up and closure: winning team announced and prizes are given
  • Access to live broadcasting content – inspiring speakers etc. to build out your agenda and inspire innovators
  • Access to 24-hour Climathon Social media wall – linking your city with the Climathon community around the world

What are the next step after registration?

Once you have joined the Climathon you must undertake the following to ensure that your location is able to deliver the Climathon:

  • Engage the city (or area) you plan to set the Climathon within.
  • Go out to city officials, local government, important companies in the area and seek challenges and sponsorship from them to frame your local Climathon.
  • Gather potential challenges from these stakeholders and work with them to refine and define a challenge for your Climathon.

What support does Climate-KIC provide for city hosts?

Climate-KIC will support city hosts throughout the Climathon process from recruitment of participants through to on the day support throughout the 24-hour global Climathon.

We will supply:

  • Climate-KIC & Global Climathon branding tools
  • Ready-made informative Climathon event webpage
  • Online registration portal for participants
  • Online portal for city hosts to receive information and tools for your Climathon challenge
  • Climathon handbook (this booklet) and an event planning guide
  • Communication toolkits: online marketing materials, customizable flyers and posters etc.
  • On-going advisory forum to plan and run Climathon

Shall city hosts seek for local sponsors?

We encourage city hosts to reach out for sponsorship in their cities. If there are some sponsors to your Climathon, you can upload their logos to your city page.

What are the City Hosts’ responsibility?

Each location that is hosting a Climathon must provide the following:

  • A venue for the 24-hour event
  • Coaching to accompany the Climathon
  • Agenda with speakers, coaches, - a draft agenda will be provided
  • At least one city challenge
  • Data from the city as hacking stimulus
  • Local prize for the winning team (meeting with respective decision makers, coaching, incubation)

How to recruit participants?

Once your city page is published, your recruitment process starts. Your page can be used for the recruitment.

Recruitment of participants will take place locally with support from Climate-KIC. A webpage with an application form will be provided by Climate-KIC for participants to register. The registered participant details will be shared with the city hosts. We will also provide you with marketing materials to promote your Climathon locally.

Recruitment can be targeted at:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Students with various backgrounds
  • Programmers
  • Designers, creators, and geeks
  • Citizens
  • Young professionals

How to apply for the Climathon as a participant?

Participant application will be opened at the end of August or in September. Participants can apply if their city has a Climathon city page. Please pay attention to the double step at the application: first they have to create a Climate-KIC passport, and then apply to the Climathon.

What is a Climate-KIC passport?

The Climate-KIC passport is needed to apply for any Climate-KIC programmes including the Climathon. It is a Climate-KIC account to reach all the websites of the Climate-KIC education activities. If you want to apply to any Climate-KIC education programme, first you have to first create the Climate-KIC passport by starting the registering. Once you have your website passport, you can choose which activity you apply to. The Climate-KIC passport has to be created only once.

Please make sure you do both steps – create the Climate-KIC passport and then apply to the Climathon.


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City host application opens in April, 2018. Please register your interest now at the climathon@climate-kic.org email address.